Most of the time ,tech or hardware enthusiasts doesn’t like or doesn’t recommend the stock coolers that come within the CPU bundle. Also stock coolers are not good for overclocking and high end gaming .If you are not planning for a high OC or boosting up your PC like ways then it’s totally fine.
At CES 2016 , this year among many tech, AMD just unveiled the cooler for next AMD CPUs, the Wraith cooler.

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Here as in the picture given you would certainly notice that this time the cooler is large than it’s predecessors as well as guaranteed that it would work more quietly and efficiently. Also the cooler is such quitter that even in the loud noise in the AMD booths in CESlast Wednesday 2016 the guys at never noticed even the activating and deactivating of the fan. Woah! That’s impressive!
And yes , it does a good job than it’s previous coolers.

AMD for now didn’t disclose when it will be out for sale but mentioned that it would definitely come with the next generation FX CPUs and will house a TDP of 125Watts and will run more energy efficiently and quietly. 

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