Who needs and introduction to the famous company,Corsair?Well,who don’t have an idea or don’t know who or what Corsair is,for them,they are one of the most famous companies who manufactures cases,PC cooling units,memories and many peripherals in this world.
As the are also the makers of the Carbide series cases and Dominator memory stick,they hold the position in the world market and are tough enough to compete in the market.
As a history in brief Corsair was started in 1994 having current HQs in Fremont,CA in the Unites States.
Earlier spoken,they are the one of the most famous companies who also manufactures cases and today I shall be focusing over the Carbide series,or to be more specific,the Corsair Carbide Spec 03 as we it was dropped last week to our team. 
Corsair Carbide is a well formed aggressive looking chassis with a  hell ton of features.It is for those who are having ATX or below motherboards as it’s a Mid tower ATX chassis sporting the USB 3.0 ports and offering 2 years of warranty.
It’s appealing for those who game as it’s looks.It comes with two fans of 120mm at rear and at the front with a led according to the case theme colors.They are available with Red,Blue,Orange and White themes.The beck I/O panel has a soft sponge protection to protect the motherboard to currents.The fron has two USB ports and a mic and headphone jack with HDD led indications.
It has a dust filter on the front so that the case doesn’t gets dirty due to the intake.Well it’s a disappointing approach cause the dust accumulates at the front which is untidy but easy to clean.
And has PSU case underneath ,it also provide space for the HDDs and SSDs to the front having side facing interface.Cable management would be nice as there is a lot of space for it.Below and at the top there are space for the RAD as well as the exhaust fan downwards.As speaking of aesthetics it has a side window for the ultimate show off for the hardware,and a LED lighting will be sweet. 

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