Rise of the Tomb Raider, a game by Crystal Dynamic,the 2013 reboot if the action adventure series finally hit the PCs last day , 28th January,2016.

Announced at Gamescom ’14 as an XBOX exclusive gave a little bump to many PC gamers eventually.

Powered by the Foundation Engine,Rise of Tomb Raider introduces the visuals to the next level.This considers physically-based material system,image-based lighting effects,modernized hair stimulations , deformable snow effects,tessellated terrain and much high quality cinematic effects and more.

We know this effects brought a lot of graphical intensity though it looks much like the XBox One’s version.Tessellation is used throughout the game and shadows are well managed. HBAO+ is available and over all quality of graphics can be enhanced if you have a decent hardware as well.

As compared to the XBox One’s version the PC version suits well moreover with negligible difference as the tessallation , antisotropic filtering and performance is less in the console version.

One of the major improvements introduces as compared to the Xbox One version is the cut seens and videos as latency is minimum.It’s very much responsive in PC version and no lengthy reloads or any actions.

With the many video improvements in the PC version some include like the resolution adjustments,refresh rate selection and AA type supporting the arbitrary resolution which adjusted by the Nvidia’s Dynamic Super Resolution(DSR) so you can enjoy to fullest.

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