1Password yesterday got an update for the android users keeping the distinct material design of android but with a more promising feature:The finger print scanner to get it.

Setting those long master password for the phone is now an old fashion and pain on the brain,but as it seems 1Password breaks those complications bringing the cool new feature everybody was talking about as long as your phone is supported and updates to Android Marshmallow.

1Password is already available on the Play Store with the latest version 6.0 and adds even more features like one can share passwords on teams or groups and if you aren’t familiar to this app and never used it, we recommend it’s note worthy to have a look as long as it’s free.

1Password would store those long passwords as well as the old feature is still intact for those who doesn’t upgrade but the Finger print scanner is definitely a no hassle solution.

Wake your screen,press your finger against the screen where the assigned button shows,and you are good going!!

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