Hey Linux techno lovers.We bring you a good news that better than the previous one’s.Are you the ones who continually find it uneasy to try different apps and custom apps between your cellular devices especially smartphones and tablets?And one desktops and Laptops as well?Then this news is definitely great for you.

What if we say you now have the power to carry the whole desktop with you the whole journey?

Seems fishy?Well,it’s not.Now you can particularly!

Hereby introducing the whole new Maru OS that integrates the compatibility between Desktops/Laptops and Smartphones/Tablets.

Here what it is.You can now power your desktop monitor by your smartphone by just plugging in via HDMIs.

Wow,isn’t it?

Maru OS are available in two forms.Namely,they are:

  1. Android 5.1 Lollipop(smartphones/tablets)
  2. Debian Linux(for desktops/laptops)!

By connecting your cellular device with Maru OS installed in it via HDMI with your monitor,the smartphone will automatically load the OS within 5 seconds.

Another features is it comes without bloatware as many others comes built in so that you get enough space and customizability for running your apps.

Listing the Pros,they are:

  • Multi-Tasking,
  • No bloatware software,
  • Dual OS,
  • Able to run  server in your pocket,
  • Light weight to use,
  • Portable dev environment..

The best of the best is if your connectivity between phone and pc get’s lost, on resume it would be the same as left earlier!

*still in beta stage and available for Nexus 5,will integrate sooner.
more on Maru from here.

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