Talking about gaming mice ,they are going expensive day by day with improved and advanced features but there are many guys out there who don’t want those extra features but buy a decent gaming mice and for gaming and normal usage. Note:Not for pro gamers.
Today here we are going to review the fortunate Japanese brand’s latest addition to the section of gaming mice:DragonWar Leviathan .
As we have tested the DragonWar Leviathan we can clearly see that the mice itself has a mat finish and as key placing goes it’s set on right and left specifically and two back-front buttons below the left side just under your thumb and has a braided USB cable for more strength.
The mouse is suitable for users with long finger,lol myself,and decent for normal usage and gaming.
The mouse comes in two variants , the mouse itself and another one with a mouse mat. Talking about the aesthetics the mouse has seven shades of lighting at rear side glowing the mighty Leviathan logo and text.
Since am using it for two weeks now I haven’t encountered any issues so far and hope it never does so we are rating it as 7/10 and moderately recommend it as to buy.

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