Talking as of home security,security camera systems has taken a significant place in the present market as day by day security is getting compromised which leads to the perfect selection for security camera systems from the market as the best one can get.That brings down the concern of footage storage and the two best available paths are the cloud and local.

Don’t worry we will go section by section and deal with it.
Local storage:
As the name suggests it is clear that the storage system specified here is going to deal with storage that’s available on hand and most camera are doing so as many of them come with built in microSD cards supporting facilities and yes,at a very cheap cost.
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As possible they work the both way as event based recording where the recording starts as soon as the sensor detects any motion or sound within the specified zone and other hand is the continuous recording where the camera keeps on recording 24×7 or when triggered by the user.So what’s the big deal here as this question might pop in your mind.Yes,there’s something about it.As soon as the storage(microSD or flash,here) gets full then the user would get two options,either to overwrite the previous recording or just swap out the last storage media and put it back and it’s very popular as privacy isn’t hampered.
Cloud storage:
Now everyone doesn’t have the same mind set.What if the user wants more advanced feature keeping the work being done and compromising a little(ah,atleast we do say)?Here comes the role of cloud storage and most of the modern recording systems get’s this featured directly out-of-the-box.

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But where it scores?Yes obviously it doesn’t hampers your storage but get’s little while privacy as anyone knowing the networking topology may hack into the server if he is that’s nerdy expert but as yes.modern high end systems have a good firewall protecting your data,so don’t worry about this that much.

So,conclusion ?
As you can see that both have pros and cons as local storage keeps privacy having less storage and flexibility where clouds might compromise a little privacy(as it seems so to many users)but have no out of space issues.
Again this goes to the preference of the user.

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