Innovation at its Peak .

Bored with the old social networking ? Want to try something new ? 
Here it comes ; Roger . It will change the way we communicate. With the messaging app market oversaturated with the likes of Whatsapp and Facebook , Roger co-founder Richardo Vice Santos shared his inspiration and goals of what can be the next generation
in mobile communication .  

                           Roger Facts .

Like a walkie talkie but better , Roger makes it easy to talk over your phone to anyone no matter where you are . 

1. Stay in touch with your family and friends abroad no matter the time.
2. Easy day to day communication with friends after school and on weekends .

The idea of Roger as told by Mr. Santos have came up along with some simple conversations . He just wanted something closest to a phone call ; but anywhere ; anytime ; in a completely different time zone.
And he came up with Roger app with the help of his full team .

Features .
  • A free walkie-talkie style app worldwide.
  • Voice ccommunication.
  • Works with anyone even if the person don’t have the app.
  • Works in offline also .
  • High quality audio.
  • Simple interface and easy to use . 

                       View of Team Roger .

Thank You .

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