Not much days left AMD pushing it’s Raedon Pro Duo since it’s predecessor the R9 295×2 and the specs are out by AMD.

It is powered by the same 2x Fiji Cores which powered R9 FuryX based on the 28nm process having 256 TMUs per GPU and as this is ‘Dual’ that counts to 512 TMUs in total with 4096 stream processors counting to  8192 in total.The performance is obviously better than the R9 FuryX as this card has an insane 16.4 TFLOPs of performance creating a huge bump over the previous model.

With an insane GPU clock speed of 1Ghz it not less as the 4GB (2x 4GB)of HBM1 is clocked at 500 Mhz having a wide memory bus of 4096 and a 1024 GB/s of bandwidth. 
The TDP is higher in this case with a whooping amount of 275 w and that’s gonna suck your PSU out.
This $1499 costing serious insane enthusiast card will hit 4k 60 FPS for sure.

Performance wise speaking AMD demanding it as the “world’s fastest video card” on ‘4k’ and will be hitting big scores on modern as titles on a huge margin than other as promised by the company itself.

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