For potential overclockers ASRock added another motherboard to it’s OC Formula series of the  micro-ATX variant-The Z170M OC Formula, having only two DDR4 memory DIMMs using two-phase VRM for it’s memory design and used more space for robust 14-phase VRM.

Apart from on-board overclocking buttons like the Direct-Key OC tuning facilities ,manual switching between two firmware EEPROM chips and led diagnostics it also features a 10-layer PCB for less electrical interference .

As to be said about the PCI-Express slots it has three 3.0 x

16 and one PCI-E 3.0x16s. Supporting the M.2 slot of whooping 16Gb/s SATA express connectors it also has two modern USB 3.1 connectors,one of them is USB type-C ports,eight 3.0s and the mighty ASRock’s Purity Audio 3 solution Adding the fast Intel-gigabit ethernet solution too. 

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