Facebook building it’s own 360-degree camera naming it as the  Surround 360 is enough to guess that this social media giant is interested to virtual reality with it’s natural progression.

Pic courtesy: info-europa.com.

All you may wonder it’s common that everyone can now get a VR camera from the market choosing from different brands but here it’s the trick,Facebook has engineered this device for taking top notch high quality photos with an array of seventeen camera with 14 wide angled and the rest in typical fish eyed confirming that this camera can join the camera images on it’s whole circumference and render the result in real-time.
Facebook taking the VR concept to a real height as the device can render 8K from each eye in real time with smooth 60-FPS.And that huge.

Pic courtesy : techcrunch.com

Facebook claims that this camera can record multiple hours of quality samples with out a hitch and why not?This camera it self looks like an UFO saucer designed to fit all the camera array and engineered to fit the hardware in it without over heating.

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