As many of you might know that Google in the smartphone market has developed the Gmail and Search and many others like the Google Now and YouTube but also have a hand on the making of smartphones itself like as the Nexus flagship goes.But think further and consider a new product and yes I am going to give an overview of the same product you have been thinking-Google’s Live Case.

Saw MKBHD’ s (aka Marques Brownlee’ s) video on Google’s Live Case?Well I’d like to provide that too below,check below.

So back to my own article.You might be thinking what is a Google’s Live Case and what am I talking about.Well Google’s Live Case is a simple case as most of you have but  with a premium feel and ever ending customizability .So just go to the site itself and upload your own favorite wallpaper or design you want or any solid color and even Google Maps and’s on the back of your phone(though after the payment,production and shiping  :p ).
What I like mostly in this product is that it snaps and fits the wallpaper you fed and produces it with top notch quality and design .

And noteworthy to say,there’s an turn about.Every cases come  with a NFC tag button,now when you are installing the case just tap the NFC button and that will download an app on your smartphone via NFC and you can now set the matching wallpaper with the cases’ one with your phone’s wallpaper.

Excited?Planning to have it?Well buy one.You will see it .

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