It’s obvious that VR Headsets are damn expensive as of now but looking at those desktops designed to  create VR contents are rather more expensive.

Apart from the ability to use heavy-load work like engineering and 3-D modelling,HP launched a VR-Ready workstation costing around $4,363 this Tuesday .
This beast is being be engineered to focus on making VR-Ready content for HTC’s Vive headset also VR enabled movies like Deadpool are no way exception to be made on this workstation.
In the last two week Dell and Lenovo also has announced their VR-Ready workstation where Dell’s Precision desktop will create content for Oculus Rift , in addition to the HTC’s Vive,worthy to say the Dell’s work-line configuration may vary steadily due to the requirement of power and quality.

Coming back to the Z workstations,it can be configured with Xeon E5-2600 v4 chips sporting 22 cores drawing 145 Watts of power delivering superior VR content.
It’s possible to use two Xeon chips on the same workstation but its not possible to put two 22-core chips as it would generate the amount of thermals.
 The workstation can also be SLI’d with Nvidia’s Quadro M6000 24GB GPUs delivering quality outputs and also take in advantage of the Nvidia’s cutting age technology.
Talking about the memories needed for this workstation it is offering 1TB of LRDDR4 or 256GB  of DDR4 DIMMS coupling with the facility to run them at lower frequencies so that more memories can be put into the system.
On the topic of the the physical storage drives it’s possible  six-SATA and eight serial attached SAS or two PCIe  3.0 NVMe ports.

Supporting 850 – 1125 Watts power supplies it also has good I/O options as  of five USB 3.0 and three 2.0 with lightning fast Gigabit Ethernet.

Source:HP and PCWorld.

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