So got an Android phone or tablet?Using it to the fullest?happy with it?Well,we recommend to just check whether you are going the right way or not and whether using the so called Android platform to the edge with our little mini guide in two parts so you won’t feel bored  and can read in gaps.

So without any further due,let’s dive into it.  :’D

1.Downloading stuffs when your phone is in sleep mode keeping your wifi on.
Many users complain that they can not use or download any files  or their favorite music or videos while the phone is in sleep mode which results in keeping the phone on and downloading them which is not always good as in the sense that it is eating your battery away and imagine if you are running out of juice and suddenly need to download some important files but you can’t.

So here’s a tweak for you.Go to Settings>Wi-Fi>Advanced>Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep and select Always.It will make your phone download stuffs even the phone is napping down.

2.Tweaking your Android’s battery for better results.At least.
Tired of running out of  battery outdoor.Need a sweet spot to fix it?Well,we are here.Here are some tips that might help you down.First of all,turn of the “Ambient Display” or “Adaptive Brightness“.

Thinking that your guide aka Satadru Das aka Me myself going nuts?Not really.The sensors may adjust to some extent but believe me they are not exact and in the  process of adjusting it will consume your battery to some extent.Another little thing you might do is when you are out and battery isn’t left much then just put your phone to Power saver mode so that to some extent it will help you a long run.

3.Playing serious with your Google Now.  :p
Many of you know that there is a feature by Google provided to your Android handheld is Google Now and everyone has it from back days when it needed an update to run.

Well it’s more advanced now and smart.The AIs being better and better day by day.Suppose in this summer you are on bed and tired as hell and need to take a short nap but need to wake up on time but lazy to get your phone and set the Alarm so here’e where Google Now becomes handy.You can just set the Alarm by  telling,to be exact , yelling “OK Google,wake me up in one and a half hour”.That’s it,the built in AI will do for you.Anytime.For this you just need to follow  a couple of steps going into Google Settings>Search and Now>Voice>OK Google detection>select Always On.try this,lazy folks.  :p

4.Save up your data as possible.Real deal though. :3
Tired of spending your hard earned money on surfing and using the internet which is unfortunately not free and feeling wasted that “What the hell,save my data” and thus installing different apps for saving data which in turn consumes a lot again with out any work being done,

Google’s here again.This time Google Chrome.Woah Google thinks so much of is.:wink: šŸ˜‰  :p
Just go to Chrome>Setting>tap Data Saver on.And there you go,saving at least 30% of your data from now on wards.


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