Continuation from Part I.
5.Choosing which app should require which facility(aka permission here instate).
Recently on Android M or L?Tried KK ir any previous releases of Android and want to make most out of the free upgrade?Here’s a what Google allow you to provide each app a set of permission according to you,yes only you,the use.Thinking how it should  work?Here’s the rules:

Go to Settings>Apps>Tap on any app whose permission setting should be changed >Tap permissions,and voila you are done.

6.Don’t lose your phone for God’s sake. ;-;
Seen people losing their phones to pick pockets or robbers?Developed a fear within you and hesitating buying an expensive features full android device?Well I do recommend if you are getting a phone full of amazing features from camera to Soc with a little price bump,then do buy.I will help help you so that even if you lose your phone to those bad guys,and have a problem that maybe your details are being leaked,still you have a hope remaining.The feature is called as the Google Android Device Manager.What it does basically is , it ,allows you to lock the phone,ring it or delete it’s contents so that your privacy remains private.

The immediate next question would be,how to set it up?
It’s simple.very simple.Just go to Settings>Security>Device Administrator and check the box next to Android Device Manger if not checked  previously.You are safe now.Thank me later.  đź™‚

7.Heard of Google Now on Tap?
This handy feature is released with the arrival of Google’s Android M and it is very useful .What it offer might tickle you.It provide contextual information of what ever is running on screen which in turn will help you  not to search for infos manually.

Here’s how you can set it up:Settings>Google>Search & Now>Voice and switch it on.Once it’s on you will get contextual info going real time on screen.You are now happy now a bit I guess?

8.At last NFC?Won’t  bore you more.  :p
Not everyone knows about the feature NFC till date cause not many devices are capable for it.NFC is a very powerful sevice offered by Google and works from pairing you with your NFC enables headset to transfer content from your old device to the newest.Simply brilliant.We heard of a guy who gas implanted a NFC chip on his arms so that he wouldn’t have to unlock his phone manually,but hey!You don’t have to go that far,NFCs are simply amazing.Just try it out.  đź™‚


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