Finally NVIDIA unveiled the world’s first deep learning computer,the NVIDIA DGX-1.

NVIDIA DGX-1 is the world’s first deep learning computer to meet unleashed computing experience ever for the artificial intelligence.It comes fully integrated with deep learning softwares for quick and easy development packing up with new generations of GPU accelerators.

NVIDIA DGX-1 would mostly be used by the data scientist and engineering for researching and computing huge amount of AI data for the next generations and intelligent class machines that can learn,see and perceive almost identical to humans.It delivers power for next generations AI applications that reduces effort and time but increases efficiency and accuracy at the same time.

NVIDIA has been into this GPU business for several years now and now we have them being focused on advanced machine learning technology and AI.NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang called it the DGX-1 and surprisingly it’s equivalent to 250 servers in box.
What’s inside?You’d be amazed to know this- 7TB of SSD storage.two of the XEON processors and eight TESLA P100 GPUs;and as you can see it  insane amount of computing power.

The sole purpose of create such an insane gadget is to deploy massive workloads and intelligence
more efficiently and accurately .”Data scientists and AI researchers today spend far too much time on home-brewed high performance computing solutions,” Huang said in a press release. “The DGX-1 is easy to deploy and was created for one purpose: to unlock the powers of superhuman capabilities and apply them to problems that were once unsolvable.”

In June in the US and other may have to get it shipped from NVIDIA in the third quarter.

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