What’s all the hype about?

Opera is now the first web browser to offer a VPN service inbuilt with the browser which has a 256-bit encrypted VPN service for everyone for  maximum security goals for free helping the users from leaking Wi-Fi sessions and improve private security.

We everyone know and understand that internet security is now being an big issue for everyone from big industries to individuals and VPN is a top notch technique which helps us to get prevented from those breaches which is now being getting inbuilt within browsers and Opera attempting it’s first.

Thus Opers released their update with the built in VPN service to keep all safe,likely who ever uses Opera from now as well as the used to users.

That’s a huge attempt , honestly.

And for those who don’t know what a VPN is and already moved towards Googling to know it,to them here we define-“VPNs are security tools that route your internet connection from very long distances for protecting the secrets of whatever you are browsing at this moment and hiding your locations where you are accessing internet from.

There are many VPN services out there but why Opera?What’s the deal?

Unlike other VPN services out there in the internet,Opera provides it to be unlimited and free and that’s a good attempt,again preventing  you from paying for your own security which lies into one of your fundamental right(which is to be afaik).

Talking more about the security service it offers.

Opera offers  a 256-bit encryption which will make your location untraceable and will provide the laws with an virtual ip address making the so called Government not having trace to what ever you are doing at your ease.

The secret you might want to know.
The free service which is being offered to you is made possible by SurfEasy recently last year.

And at last how to enable this feature dude?
To them who are completely new to this(as in fact am not,atleast,am using Opera from ages and proud of it),download the developer version of Opera on any platform you’d like,  as in case Windows or Mac,look for the ‘Privacy and Security’ tab and hit it on.

The virtual locations it offers are the US,Germany and Canada.

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