Sometimes for some people at least motivation doesn’t comes even with a running coach while running or jogging,they need a something physical to keep in pace with them.Hereby introducing Puma’s BeatBot,a robot developed by as NASA engineers, a trio of MIT students which can run along the line of the race track at whatever speed the person wants to bringing to even the speed of  44.6 Km/h or 27.7 M/h matching Usain Bolts’ 2009’s foot speed world record which will keep you  stay focused and motivated at the same time.

So how this bot works?Using an array of nine IR sensors it scans lines of the field track using Adrino for wheel rotation being monitored for keeping pace at exact speed and distance.For making this tech more technical it is beefed up with LED lights at the back with dual GoPro cameras.

Well speaking of the exact amount , yes, you are right it is expensive but legit at what it performs.Though the price sheet isn’t released that was our assumption(by some internal sources) but adding to it might launch coming with PUMA sponsored teams and athletes .

Pretty dope.Isn’t it?


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