So now as everyone know that Nvidia’s so called modern GPUs GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 are of real and are taking down the industry by their cutting edge technology and if you have missed their last Friday’s event then here are 5 key things you should know.


The main thing about what all are crazy about is the speed which these cards are record breaker.They’re faster that two GTX 980TIs in SLI and Titan Xs. Dropping to about 200 FPS count in the game Doom.

The tech:
Everyone are just surprised seeing the jaw dropping performance of the latest cards.After being stuck with those 28 nm processes for about four long years finally NVIDIA shifted to 16 nm process which is two generations ahead.Coming with the FinFET technology it’s sporting a 8GB VRAM memory dubbed with GDDR5X allowing 10 GB/s transfer rate.

Power efficiency:
Beside those performances these Pascal cards are extremely power efficient than those TitanXs. Delivering crazy results than the 980TIs these cards draw TDP of 180 W at max with a single 8 Pin connectors.

OC capabilities:
Need more performances than stock?Well this cards provide much Overclocking head rooms for people demanding more performance , GTX 1080 providing about about hundreds of megahertz ahead of the 980s.

Pricing and launch dates:
Costing $700 these GTX 1080s launches on May 27th(Founder edition) and the normal being priced for $600 as starting price  and the 1070 being priced at $380.

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