Sign on to multiple accounts using Parallel Space

Not all social media apps actually allow you to sign in to more than one account in one device. Instagram lately added that capability, and Twitter has had it for sometime. But others like Facebook don’t have that yet, and so if you do have more than one account, it takes effort to log out, log in, then log out and log in again. Fortunately, there is an app for that, and it’s called Parallel Space-Multi Accounts.

You can have copies of all your installed applications inside the Parallel App. You can run them Just like any of your apps, and the applications will behave as if they are being opened for the first time. 


Easy access from the desktop shortcut for Parallel Apps makes it even more efficient. 

The apps perform very fluid, but they do take up RAM because the apps will be active in the background also.

But it’s not just for social networks, but even for games as well. You can have different profiles on various games and play them one after the other, and maybe use some accounts as practice for your main one. It is also useful for those who share their device regularly with a loved one, although of course that will mean the other person can also have access to your account (but that’s between the two of you).
You can download Parallel Space from the Google Play Store for free, with in-app purchases available. It also says that it supports 99%+ of the apps in Google Play.

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