This year obviously Google did a ton of announcements which will invest more into future tech from Allo to Home,here we summarize some of them,have a look. 😀

Daydream VR:
Google now introduced it’s standalone mobile virtual reality platform called as the Daydream which is a sort of VR coming packed with Android N competing with the PC mighty HTC Vice as well as with the Oculus Rift making it more powerful and more self-sustainable than the Google Cardboard pushing the VR tech more and stepping into the VR market.
Tired of old messaging apps and services ?Well,this is Google’s Allo for you all. Allo is basically a messaging app for smartphones where we can sign-up and register ourselves with the option of Google Sign-in(Of course,it’s Google :’D) offering you with the usual messaging features like the stickers,emojis ; but adding new features like – you can now draw photos and offering you to change font sizes as well. It steps out ahead and distinguishes itself from others is it has the Google Assistant with a AI which helps generate replies automatically.
The good thing about Google is it’s never ending and calculating that Allo alone is not enough for their users therefore introducing a new app called the Duo which is self a competitor of Apple’s Facetime ;works more or like the same of Facetime with ton of features for your ultimate video experience with simplicity in mind as always.
Google Home:
It seems developers of Google are working hard on Home Automation which resulted in the smart speaker which is called -Google Home which is an obvious piece of comparison to the Amazon’s Echo and will perform works the easy way with Google Assistant.
Android N:
As it is already teased in those modern Nexus devices in developers preview versions somewhere in March flaunting it’s features like the split-screen multitasking with new set of emojis and quick setting buttons, Google confirming it’s final roll outs this summer but also teased the second beta version of N with more features to see and feel.
Android Wear 2.0:
Although the days are passing with and more likely this year will be the year of VR,Google haven’t entirely forgetting wearables making one of it’s greatest announcements , the Android Wear 2.0 which is none the less alike the first release back in ’14 but the entire experience has changed like the new features added as one can now make data from any app show up on any watch face identical to Apple watch falling into more competitive market.
Android Auto:
With the announcement of Android Auto previously,this year Google introduced a ton of features for Android Auto drivers such improving the traffic-tracking app Waze now which is inbuilt with Android Auto. This version of Android Auto now can communicate wirelessly via Wi-Fi with other cars on street which is a great safety measures for drivers.
Using Android Apps without downloading and installing:
The time’s changing and now Google is now on the different level seeing it’s competitors doing so much in real-time web based which triggered it to make the launch of the idea which provides you to run Android Apps without installing them which saves time,data and money but the experience is more than just same.

Seeing all these we can definitely come to a conclusion that Google is going to make big this year and all our support is with them.

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