In this world where it is evidently impossible to exclude the work of flash in our day to day internet lives here comes Google which is revealing to stop the use of flash except in some websites and confirming this to be rolling within the Q4.
Image by TechnoBuffalo.
Flash was on of the major aspects in the internet for many the past decade to present rich media online but now Google is trying to focus on the HTML 5 due to it’s great speed,smoothness and reliability.
As an outcome Chrome will still come up with flash content for sometimes in near future but without declaring or advertising itself and flash player will be the only medium to watch flash content.
Google will keep the Flash support to the top 10 sites as of now as mentioned earlier-YouTube,Facebook,Yahoo,Twitch,Amazon etc.,but block many.
As told by one of the spokesperson from Adobe;”an industry-wide transition to Open Web standards,” including the adoption of HTML5.
But flash will be still used to many important areas such as premium video,web gaming and other educational plots.

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