Years have passed from the Dual Cores to Quad Cores to Octa Cores and have delivered quite impressive result compared time to performance ratios but here now Intel goes extreme with their Broadwell-E chips family-the 10-cores giants.

With the invention of these termed so called Mega-taskers as Intel loves to call it they are targeting users and making these extreme performance chips which will  be VR ready and for extreme overclockers also including heavy gamers and keep in mind of productivity as well.

By the way talking about extreme chips Intel is doing big in iteration than revolution which is well etched in their technology and process which resembles a tick-tock cycle mentioned here.

Image from CNet.

This year Intel has added  a lot of performance boost to their chips but still stuck with that same 14nm process.We can see Intel has introduced Broadwell-E which has 10 cores and two threads per core that defines faster speed and greater performance  as per Frank Soqui,GM of Intel’s Enthusiasts Desktop Group.


To ensure that it’s not only upto the number of cores Intel introduces a new technology called “Turbo Boost Max” which test each physical chips according with their cores to determine which cores is faster as slight variation of speeds matter a lot and thus those applications which needs great single core performance can benefit great using this as cores can be allocated to the particular application in real.

Intel Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition Processors

You can easily find out all these in their most advanced m powerful and fast chip,i7 6950x;

  • 10 Cores, 20 Threads
  • 8-core and 6-core options also available
  • Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0
  • 4-channel memory support
  • 25MB Smart Cache
  • Fully unlocked (offering flexibility for overclockers)

Interesting to note that this chips are heavy performance providers making it 4k and VR ready as well and as per to Soqui “You might be doing a Powerpoint and then switch to the web or run a movie, but none of those things are actually related to each other. When we talk about mega-tasking we’re talking about simultaneously, compute intensive, multi-threaded workloads that are aligned in a purpose.”
Intel Broadwell-E_Overclocking Support

So as an example frpm Cnet from where this article has been inspired from,they say that if one is editing an 360 degree 4k video then the importing of footages and working with them will be extremely fast and smooth and why not when there is a beast of cores!

*Info taken from CNET and Images from WCCFTECH.

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