Another part of this year’s Google I/O is the long awaited phone which is modular in every means and soon it will available for the developers  later this year and if all goes sound and good then the this modular champ will hit the consumer retails the next year.

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This modular smartphone attempt by Google is know as to be the Project Ara and as I have mentioned this is modular  that suggests that the user can swap in any part according to their need to it make the most out of their device with lots of flexibility and performance thus making the upgradability in scene.

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This project was due since 2013 and concept is more versatile than the LGs latest G5 where the user can swap the bottom bezels.Project Ara was first founded by Motorola which was then acquired by Google and sold to Lenovo.

This announcement at Google I/O has raised up hope in many to get introduced to the modular world of mobility and for the developers they can sign up online here to receive a test model.

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