Well,Nvidia after announcing the high bandwidth SLI bridge they skipped over three-way or four-way SLIs in their showcase demo,making it more obvious that the new Pascals are not engineered for more than two-way SLIs.

EVGA making it more clear and thus confirming that their GTX 1080 will not support more than two-way SLI.
A member from the EVGA tech team, also a moderator , EVGATech_ChrisB quoted something like this:
  We can confirm that 1080 cards only support up to 2-way SLI and anything above this will not work, no matter the SLI bridge.  
Please however keep in mind that if you do use the new SLI bridge along with two 1080 cards, then it gives more performance than 2-way SLI did in the past on previous series.
As  of a fact users using more than two way GPU either in SLI or Crossfire in a single system are rare but still Nvidia will disappoint their fans somehow by taking this decision.It it worth  to mention that it might be over their investment for making more than two-way SLI profiles ,Nvidia yet to comment one their GTX 1080’s missing SLI support(more than two-way).
Officially Nvidia didn’t reveal much about their SLI config but we’re here to hear more from them in the near future.

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