Checked the all new MacBook?Well , it is not only the prettier updated version of Macbook Air but have some serious improvement in terms of specifications and performance sacrificing some aspects than it’s predecessor like the ports in it.

Pic from YouTube.

If you are planning to buy either of them and still confused then I am your guide here and you are at the right place.Let me make you understand one by one; step by step.

So that being said and done,let’s start.

What you get to see:
Apples is adding the mighty Retina display to all of their next gen products leaving back the MacBook Air where the new MacBook has got 12″ retina Display with a resolution of 2304 by 1440 making it stand out of the display line up and for those who are wondering about his difference than I must tell you there’s a huge difference cause you can feel the pixels with extra sharp letters and crispy images.

Processing power:
In this case you might have to sacrifice the MacBook because of it’s processing capabilities.Well I admit Core M chips are way better energy efficient and serves good cooling even without any extra fans but that doesn’t match the speed of Core i5/i7 making MacBook Air a step forward but if you are planning to do light jobs like Photoshop ir iMovies,then’re good to go.

Storage capacity:
MacBook Air comes with 128GB of storage.
And the newer MacBook ships with a  doubled amount of 256 GB.

Macbook Air and the newer MacBook both are getting shipped with 8GB.

Well it’s a good nature of Apple for keeping in mind about the battery as they stand straight out of other brands.Well they’re shipping MacBook with a solid battery with 10-hrs of web-browsing while making the advantage of a bigger footprint,MacBook Air comes with two hours extra juice making it better in terms of battery.

Forcing to touch:
MacBook  comes manufactured with the Force Touch service where MacBook Air lags behind  making many possibilities untouched.

I myself sometimes get disappointed by seeing that the newer MacBook doesn’t come with as many as ports as it’s predecessor but we have to bear with it cause it the next gen tech.MacBook is offering an USB-C type port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack where MacBook Air has two USB ports,a Thunderbolt port and another MagSafe 2 port for charging.

Unlike the Silver color scheme in MacBook Air,MacBook comes with a variety of color ranging from gold,rose gold,space grey and silver making it more beautiful and you can match any color you choose with your iPhone or iPod of you want.

Comparing between these two one can finally come to a conclusion that MacBook is a little fancy than the MacBook Air but also fails to match MacBook Air’s power.

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