Unlike Pebble’s other wearable devices,it’s not a smartwatch and the hardest thing I have ever researched on is the new Pebble Core!
Then what is this devices actually,many minds have many questions.To justify it beyond any wearable that is an standalone Android device or just a GPS tracker or just a fitness monitor or just even a Spotify iPod Shuffle,Pebble is more than all these and thus define a new era of technology.

Image by John Kim/CNET

As the specs suggests,Pebble Core is well improved and beefy than the Pebble Time as the Core has standalone 3G features with GPS tracking and could even stream music over 3G enabled smartphone devices.Pebble also included a headphone jack for the Core.

Well the CEO of Pebble,Mr. Eric Migicovsky already revealed that the Core is programmable and also hackable having two large buttons on it’s either sides having capabilities from sending SOS ping via text to call an Uber,open a door and switch on a smart bulb.

Image by  John Kim/CNET

The battery is quite good than the Time as it can stand by for approx 9 hours and have features which even their smartwatches lacks.

Not arrive it anytime soon but late Januray ’17 and we can’t say that it will be worth according to what the specifications do have to offer.

The Key features are, well….

  • Runs Android
  • 3G SIM card slot
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Two programmable touch buttons
  • GPS
  • Syncs with health apps (Runkeeper, Strava, MapMyRun, Google Fit, UA Record)
  • Records voice notes
  • Wireless Qi charging
  • 4GB storage
Image by Pebble

As out own thoughts,we would  like to say that as it can be a programmers’ and a hackers’ dream to get these or just a missing link between smartwatches  and so called “smart clip-on product”.

*Info taken from Cnet.

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