Superhot is an artistic FPS with a twist . In this game , time moves only when you do ! Superhot is an indie game , i.e. , it is not associated with any AAA publisher or studio . It was funded by a kickstarter , shown off at E3 , and released worldwide  on 25 Feb , 2016 for PC , OS X and LINUX , and is to be released on Xbox One on 3 May , 2016. It has a massive fan-following online , and has been called the most innovative shooter of modern times. It is available as direct purchase from the website , and also on steam .


The player is set into a minimalist environment , taking out hostile attackers with guns and melee weapons. He has limited ammunition , and must use the weapons his enemies drop. There is no health regeneration – one hit from an enemy bullet kills the player. However , there is one significant game mechanic which is completely new to this game – time moves only when the player moves. At other times , time moves extremely slow. This allows the player to plan each and every move he makes , incorporating a sort of turn-based strategy feeling into a fast-paced FPS . Kudos to the developers for this new take on an old genre. Ammo. conservation is a must , but conserving ammo. is quite a challenge , as the enemy A.I. is smart enough to dodge your bullets. The overall level of gameplay is very tight and gripping , and promises hours of fun and a great replay value. Later levels of the game add other game mechanics such as hot-switching of bodies and so on and so forth.


The graphics of this game is minimalistic . The color palette is limited to shades of white , black and red , to help the player concentrate on key objects , targets and incoming bullets . The game runs on the Unity engine , which is the one of the preferred choices for indie gamers and has been used for loads of successful indie games like ori and the blind forest , firewatch , Cities : skyline and the likes.
Enemies are humanoid forms made of shiny joined polygons colored in different shades of red. The environment is made of shades of black , white and grey , with beautiful shadow and light-ray rendering , taking full advantage of the power of the mighty Unity engine. The game is scheduled to be released on VR soon.


The game was widely acclaimed in the world of gaming as a refreshing take on the ages-old genre of first-person shooters , with mostly positive reviews . It was successfully funded by kickstarter , gathering a total of $250,000 from the community. It has an aggregate score of 83/100 on Metacritic , 9/10 on Polygon and 7.5/10 on IGN. Christopher Byrd of the Washington Post called the game a “soulful , artistic shooter” . The gameplay environment has been described as playing “through Quentin Tarantino’s version of the Mad Men opening credits” by Philippa Warr of Wired UK . The online community compares the game thematically with “The Matrix” franchise and the “Max Payne” game series. 


We definitely recommend playing this game as a refresing change from AAA shooter games . Superhot offers hours of fun and strategic shooting awesomeness , and also a great replay value , as there are numerous ways to get through every single level. We guarantee you will be hooked to it in no time.

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