A bunch of reports have claimed that Apple plans to ditch the headphone jack on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that will be released later this year. Bailing on the traditional audio port will apparently let Apple build a thinner housing for the new iPhone, and we all know how much Apple loves thin phones — so much that it’s comfortable selling phones with comparatively poor battery life just to keep them thin.

On reading this, first thing that came to my mind was whether it’s need, then when I’d came to a conclusion – which is obviously yes, I asked to myself “aren’t their bigger problems?” which’s answer obviously is yes, like battery densities and size.

Well, that’s totally their call. What Apple decide, actually happens, that too successfully. The industry has always adapted to Apple, they’ve always brought revolution. Whether that’s their own is another topic.

Now recently, Intel dropped the bomb by proposing for the replacement of 3.5 mm Audio technology with USB type C Digital Audio technology. They’ve clearly mentioned both the advantages and disadvantages. The advantages being more features on headphones (USB Type C transfers any kind of data, not only audio), lossless music because of theoretically ZERO Interference, and better noise isolation. While, higher battery consumption (DAWs and Amplifiers aren’t gonna be inbuilt the phone, and headphones being able to draw higher current), lower compatibility (as most headphones will be 3.5mm compatible), and not being able to charge and listen to music at the same time are the disadvantages.

Solutions to these problems are:
1. 3.5mm jack to USB Type C Converters.
2. Headphone manufactures to adapting to technological advancements.
3. Battery technology advancements.
4. Having 2 USB Type C ports on a single smartphone.

I personally think this to be a necessary move as change is required as technology advances, and though there are disadvantages, rather quite significant disadvantages, I still am at Intel’s and Apple’s side (that is, at technology’s side). 

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