So I was mainly into the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070 when I saw another GP106 based entry-level VR ready card from the house of Nvidia ; The GTX 1060 which will compete other cards in this so called VR-ready entry level market which is thought to power the Drive PX2 doubling it’s bus-width of 256-bits which it’s predecessors couldn’t have.Also worthy to note that the newly released GTX 1070 and the GTX 1080 has these similarities as well.


According to the Zauba reports we can draw a conclusion line for the specifications with above mentioned 256-bit bus and high-density GDDR5(256MX32 config.)This much is only what we can come across but other informations are scattered like the die size is expected to be 200mm^2 and the GPU will have two Global Processing Clusters with 1280 CUDA cores drawing less amount of power using one six-pin connector proving that it’s a power efficient card as well.


We all have seen that it’s the basic Pascal powered card but having a lot of Overclocking headroom for Overclocking and we know from other reports that Pascal can overclock pretty good than it’s predecessors.

Adding the chart of expected specifications from VideoCards:

*Info from WCCFTECH.

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