Talking of this years’ Google I/O changing it’s venue from the convention center in San Francisco to Mountain View meant to deliver solid education to developers of all ages about Google’s platforms and services. We can hope a ton of new things to grab and learn but let’s see what are the happening trends that might show up in the year’s largest developers’ conference-Google I/O 2016!
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Google VR:
As far my thinking goes this year will be the year of VR or Virtual Reality and Google is well playing with the VR world from quite a long time,Google Cardboard-a low cost device meant for virtual reality experience;as a proof.
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Project Tango:
Project Tango is a platform that uses computer vision to give devices the ability to understand their position relative to the world around them, is going to be at the Google I/O.
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Android deserves a place:
As we have seen Google did announced Android updates Android L and Android M in the past years consecutively ,it’s more to hope around Google might show up with the next gen of Android;The Android N and reveals the sweet product behind.
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Forgot ‘OK Google;huh?
Google is working upon an home automation speaker system much guessed as Amazon echo but as the information are limited we can at least say that it’s internal name is “Chirp” and will respond to “OK Google”and work accordingly.
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