Being a critical success for Windows 10,it seems nice as many users are upgrading to it and as traced for six months it looks that more than 200 Million copies has been sold and active users using it which is acted down by the company itself declaring it up to a huge number , 300 Million including Desktops,Laptops,Smartphones and Xbox itself.

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Looking at the list which Windows posted on their blog about their Windows 10s usage we could clearly see that Edge is really gaining goals.Pretty awesome , isn’t it?

Till now Windows 10 was a free upgrade for Windows 7 as we have noticed but it won’t the case in near future as from July 29th it will cost you around 120 dollar or just some free with basic services with pre-assembled new machines, so folks if you or someone known to you haven’t upgraded,do it now,cause this is now or never.

But do search about the pros and cons before upgrading to suit your flavor and needs.

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