Every techie dreams of having a desk full of displays so that he can control the entire arsenal with quite a good multitasking from gaming,live streaming,listening to music to watching videos and it should be like it happened with Mr. Tony Stark,aka Iron Man’s JARVIS where he could multitask like a boss and that crazy scientist feeling exists.

It’s now no dream cause Dell is introducing their first four monitor setup, the P4317Q a 43-inch 4K display setup which will make you feel like Tony Stark himself.
By Dell.
This $1,350 beast as of now primarily targets those enterprise level professionals as well as for coders those who need to have different charts and graphs in one place so that hovering on them is easy without even adding extra monitors but offering a wide range of display sockets from HDMI 1.4 to VGA jacks for legacy operations .It also offers a headphone jack and Display ports can handle from 4K at 60 hertz which is fast enough for PC  gamers.
It has a response time of 8ms with 83percent color gamut but not that visually attractive though Dell claims wide-viewing angles of 178 degrees to nay directions.
By Dell/Cnet
As our verdict it’s being a smart idea from Dell though we want to tell you before hand that every 4K is four 1080p monitors assembled but who cares of occupying their  desk with four displays where one can get a single display with those features.

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