After Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts were found to be vulnerable and exposed it triggered many of the aware users to have their passwords changed and now according to ZDNet,a Russian “hacker” claims that he has a massive collection of Twitter accounts and will be selling them for 10 bitcoins or like 5,807 USD.

And as the site Leakedsource provides info about data breaches says in a blog post that the account database which the hacker has claimed consists of around 32 million twitter accounts.Rather than just a breach to Twitter the Russian hacker hit malware exploits to the users and stored the password in plain texts.
And for further info from Leakedsoure those password generally were a mixed up form of “123456” , “123456789”,”qwerty” and “password” which can easily be obtained by a little guesswork without even a need malware attacks.
 And the main issue is that if an user uses the same password for multiple amounts of accounts related to him/her than chances are there that the Russian can breach all those easily is they hit any one of those account.
And from the Twitter’s end response by Twitter’s Trust and Info Security Officer Michael Coates;


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