Now for AMD , Zen is the source of only hope for the company and also the trigger spot of many rumors but this time at Computex 2016 AMD CEO Lisa Su unveiled the processor for the first time and guided us about the upcoming architecture.

The spokesperson claimed that they were been working upon the processor since three years with hundreds of engineers and also showed us their logo being rendered in to out using the Zen processor  codenamed Summit Ridge.

“We love Summit Ridge, we are in the early stages of bring up, but the product looks really good,” stated Su.“Zen is delivering 40 percent more IPC (Instructions Per Cycle) than our previous processor.”

The Zen will be having 8 cores 16 threads with FinFET technology for the AF4 platform  targeting the PC enthusiast and performance freaks.

The Zen CPU is made for multi-purpose works and once totally deployed into desktop scenarios they will then start thinking for servers,notebooks and embedded systems as well though AMD is still working on the server side,also the cores will be integrated to the APUs  as well after the newly announced  Bristol Ridge generation
AMD claims that the cores are more stable and performance will be good and at the same time is energy efficient.

Source:Tom’s Hardware.

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