As you all will agree that AMD is always a way cheaper than the Intel chips and with modern inventions from Intel AMD is trying to close up the performance gap and at Taipei,Computex 2016 AMD has announced the news series of FX chips that are 52 percent faster than their previous FXs and if compared to mobile chips from Intel’s i7 than it’s graphics performance is 53 percent faster  and a 51 percent bump on the  compute performance.
This is what the new modern era of computing was waiting for actually.

Pic from Engadget

Apart from  the performance that can be drawn out from the chips,AMD is also targeting to have higher power efficiency as AMD claims their high-end FX chips are now 12 percent power efficient than those before and A9s are 41 percent less power consuming while watching a 1080p video.AMD added the “Excavator” cores to the new E2,A6 and A9 chips making it more power efficient while playing videos.

The manufacturer aims at higher clock speeds as it’s high end FX 9830P offers 3G stock(Turbo 3.7G) while the E2 9010 having 2G clock speed (Turbo 2.2G).The new A9  competes with the i3 which is 1.5G faster than the i3-6100U.

Pic from Engadget

AMD at this point is somewhat silent in the pricing sections and manufacturers like HP,Dell,Lenovo etc. are already implementing this new chips inn their products.

*info taken from engadget

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