AMD now launching it’s new overclocking tool with manual voltage control  and we have even more of the good news,RX 480 can survive 1.5Ghz +  clocks and even at stock it outperforms the GTX 980 OC’ed and R9 Nano as we mentioned in one of our post in recent times and just now think at that OC’ed clocks what it is capable of handling.

AMD Radeon RX 480 Feature 4K
In few days the most anticipated GPU is going to retail at a price point of just 199 USD bringing dow the enthusiast class performance down for gamers who  are tight on their wallet.
Users could now make out more of their new GPUs with the launch of the RX 480 and the RX 400 series out of the box making gaming more accessible,powerful and convenient and this is where their new tools comes into play.
As we have learned that the RX 400 series card has some boost features on the card like on-chip boost and more stable voltage control and users can make  the deal here with AMD launching their new OC tool as this is the first time any GPU manufacturer has ever done this and entirely opposite of what Nvidia is doing these years.
Though this new tool and any other tools been made by any company has the risking factors as Overclocking is not that very much in the scene and gamers absolutely with no overclocking idea shouldn’t be allowed to attempt so with more voltage comes more power side ways also more heat dissipation of more heat causing the chips getting burnt but if they know what they’re doing and know about OCing a bit then the results would be more satisfying.
But according to our source that the AMD RX 400 series card can so well on air with ~1,4Ghz and can subsequently can hit 1.5Ghz  on air but these numbers are nothing without the actual performance gain so we are expecting the actual results when they’e set to perform what they are made for.


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