Apple revealed their new iOS and macOS which will replace the OSX at this WWDC and will arrive later this year with new features and improvement but everyone won’t get the same chance as several older versions manufactured before 2012 will be no more functional with the OSes they’re meant to work with.

Appleā€™s new OSes will leave a bunch of its older devices in the lurch

Here we list down the products that had the chance of getting the new iOS but sadly won’t get and you would notice the similarity of having A5 chips as the chip architecture won’t be compatible:

  • iPad mini,1,2,3.
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen and older
  • iPhone 4S and older.
And these Macbooks which won’t fit the new macOS Sierra:
  • MacBook,early 2009 and older.
  • MacBook Air,2009 and older.
  • MacBook Pro,2009 and older.
  • iMac,early 2009 and later.
  • Mac Mini,2009 and older.
  • MacPro,2009 and older.
It’s more obvious that these old devices are not in as good condition for a mind to decide to not change it and get a new one but folks,if your devices is as  fresh as new,sorry this is a bummer for you and you have to deal with this,sadly.

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