Apple started off their WWDC event with the announcement and demonstration of watchOS Update 3. They have grown it to become much faster and iOS like.

The newest watchOS is 7x faster than its predecessor. The lag experienced when launching apps and waiting for it to connect, and then update is gone. Instead, the app now refreshes in the background so it’s available instantly when you want it.

Further, Apple introduced a lot of features to navigate through the device faster and more effectively. A dock-like interface and a new control center, are two of the most noticeable add-ons. The dock, much like the dock of the macOS, can hold a certain number of apps for speedy access. The control center adds quick icons for easier (and faster) task-handling, just like on the iPhone and iPad.

You can dial 911/100/108 faster, if needed. Apple added the ability to press and hold the side button to call 100 (or your country’s equivalent) should the need arise.

You can also speed up the way you handle messages. Now, Messages have the option to use ‘smart replies’ to quickly respond using a few canned responses that Apple deems appropriate based on the text of your message. You an also quickly add your own with a new handwriting feature, ‘Scribble,’ allows you to scribble letters, one on top of the other, for responding.

Lastly, a new API that brings Apple Pay to watchOS to allow for on-the-go payments without needing to grab your phone at the pay terminal.

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