This year while Call of Duty is going further into the future, DICE are going back to the roots, not only to the roots of own game franchise, but to literally the roots of the large scale inter continental warfare, the World War 1. Naturally modern FPS gamers are a bit afraid, what the setting of the game would mean for their beloved franchise, but we are here to explain why this is not only the change they want, but also the one they sorely need!

Here are the top 5 things new in Battlefield this year:

#1The Setting:

World War happened a long time time ago, we are actually in the 100th Year Anniversary , of this dark blotch in the Human history, which may have prompted DICE to look for inspiration there. The game is set in multiple locations which include Arabia, the Western front and the beautiful Italian Alp mountains. Levolution is also back, with a vengeance, and whole areas can be disintegrated to a mere skeleton of its actual self. There is also a dynamic weather, which is sure to swing mid battle, creating amazing and deadly situations!

#2The Weapons:

 With the new setting though, comes new challenges, for example the lack of a variety of guns. But DICE have turned this to their advantage, making the combat more close quarters and melee focused. Off course you still have many guns, but all of them provide different abilities, rather than just a re-skin and slightly different sound effect. There will be weapon customization, of the improvised quality, which was usual during that period, and there will be a variety of melee weapons. Finally you will be able to jump into the trenches and bash the enemy’s heads in with your shovel when the bullets get exhausted! There will also be gadgets true to the period like anti tank mines and mustard gas grenades, so for all those like me who are tired of the same camera drone, prepare to get back to the basics!

#3The Vehicles:

Yes you would have vehicles in a World War 1 game! From motorcycles mowing down a whole squadron of enemies to the unstoppable tanks of the era, the players would be in control of many vehicles each with a different set of advantages. And the icing on the cake is the ability to pilot war planes and Zeppelins! From what we have seen, the team which are in a slight dis advantage, can call for a Zeppelin mid battle to which has ha huge fire power, which would drastically switch the balance of the battle, while the planes of the other group try to bring the behemoth down! Sign me up!

#4The Single Player campaign:

Although not many details have been release so far, but it would be safe to assume, the campaign would be filled with all the features of the multiplayer, with some spectacular set-pieces.  This time DICE are going from the small indoor areas of the previous campaigns and transforming them into open sandboxes where you can reach your objective through multiple paths. It is confirmed that the campaign would span all of the War from 1914-1918, and would tell multiple stories all across the globe. The campaign of the past few battlefields have been little more than a showcase for their beautiful Frostbite engine, but this time we are hoping for something different because, this time they actually have a story to work with!

#5The Graphics:

You knew this was coming from the beginning of the article. After Bad Company 2, the Frostbite engine has become synonymous with amazing visuals and the 3rd iteration of Frostbite is no different. It is the same basic engine which powered Battlefield 4, but Battlefield 1, would be working on a highly modified version of it. Expect nothing short of realism, at least from the campaign in terms of the visual fidelity. From what we have seen in this year’s E3, the engine has come a long way. From the realistic facial animations to the volumetric explosions, and dynamic destruction. Everything is gorgeous and everything is destructible. Bombs not only destroy buildings but carve a considerable area of the ground, which can later be used as cover, its all dynamic. The weather also changes mid battle adding to the drama. We saw one shot of a Zeppelin falling to the ground after being destroyed, and it almost leveled an whole village in the process. Its finger lickin good from DICE!
This DICE is attempting to bring something new, something fresh the the FPS genre, World War I is a time not many studios take the risk of diving into, but DICE are giving it a shot. This is an opportunity for them, looking at the perception Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is getting, for them to really capture the FPS market, and by the looks of it, they are going to make it. For more news on Battlefield 1, stay tuned! 

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