Though AMD is claiming that the 649.99 USD GeForce GTX 1080 cards are quite expensive but Nvidia partners are insisting that the market has the potential of selling these cards as much as Nvidia delivers and now news are around that faster cards made on the GP102 chips is coming way soon.

Nvidia GP102 Titan coming soon
We don’t  have any strong idea about the new GP102 card but it will be so called as Titan and according to sources there might be a version of GTX 1080 Ti but most likely it’s Titan.
As we have seen that there’s been a bunch a launches last week like Doom etc.c  and some titles are coming on the way like Battlefield 1 and they require fast and powerful cards making PC gamers upgrade their specs as well  but  boutique vendors like OriginPC, Maingear,Falcon Northwest etc., could include such powerful cards and this is where customers’ demands are not fulfilled ; additionally the previous Titan is fading away with the arrival of these new Pascal cards so there’s a scope for a new card to enter.
Our sources are confirm that the new card would have a bigger chip,much bigger than GP104 and 314  sq. mm and yet smaller than the GP100 for Pascal supercomputer cards and will be manufactured using TSMC’s 16nm FinFET process having more CUDA cores compared to the GP104 and GTX 1080.
This card will be using the GDDR5X memory yet not a HBM 2.0 card.

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