Every year there is a recurring complain about FIFA, and its publisher EA Sports that it is lacking innovation in the recent years. There were complains about FIFA not changing their core game since the critical and financial success that was FIFA 10, 7 years back, and since Pro Evolution Soccer have upped their game in the last 2 years, a change was sorely needed to revitalize the long running series.
In 6th June when the 1st trailer launched, it was instantly clear that this time EA were all in, this time they were ready to take the fight to Konami and Pro Evolution Soccer, with FIFA 17. The running theme of the trailer was “Football has changed“, which instantly made clear to every one that FIFA itself has changed, and for the better, it was voiced over by the Legendary Hose Mourinho, the now Manchester United Manager. If that wasn’t enough, the trailer had a few visual surprises of its own, it said powered by Frostbite, the proprietary game engine developed by DICE, primarily for the Battlefield series and showed a rendering of Eden Hazard that looked so lifelike that it was hard to tell if he was the real one or in game, apart from a minor suntan…
Just look at him!
So, whats new this year???
1.The Cover Stars: As much as it will come as a disappointment to his fans, Lionel Messi will not grace the cover of this years FIFA, instead 4 players will be taking his place, Eden Hazard of Chelsea, Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund,Antony Martial of Manchester United and James Rodriguez of Real Madrid.
Young Blood
2.Story Mode:Well there is a story mode in this year’s FIFA called The Journey for starters in which you can play as Alex Hunter, a young aspiring footballer who is trying to break into the starting 11 of Manchester United, and not only can you control him in the pitch, but also view his life through cutscenes that are not based on the football ground. It was all made possible by the power of the Frostbite engine and promises to provide a movie like experience to the players who are looking to step into the shoes of a rookie footballer trying to find his feet in the Barclays Premiere League.
Presenting Alex Hunter!
3.New Set Pieces:Set pieces have always been stronger in FIFA than its Japanese counterpart, PES,and this year seems to be no different. This new feature called Set Piece Rewrite helps players to customize the Freekicks, Corners,Throw ins and Penalties to their liking. You can choose from different run up speeds and styles in Freekicks and Penalties to create variable spins on the ball to fool the opposition keeper, even outside foot shots are possible!! Both corners and throw ins are revamped allowing for more user control and precise placement for the ball instead of relying on blind luck!
4.New Physicality: With the new engine, collision detection and player model physics can be taken to the new level, allowing for better interaction between attackers and defenders tussling for the ball! There is now a ‘be physical’ button, which instantly alerts the player to impending tackles and improves their balance to help them withstand the tackle, and keep the ball, and the expense of speed.
Yeah it looks this good!
5.Active Intelligence: It is just a fancy new word to describe the new runs that players off the ball are going to make to get rid of their markers and run into space, its simple but very effective!
6.New Attacking techniques: Players are new equipped with a whole new host of animations that helps them to receive the ball and run at goal in a more fluid and dynamic manner, and when in front of the goal, you can choose between the new shooting techniques which improves the chances to score. EA have added a few features that have been requested for more than half  a decade, the driven shot and the downward header, and it is really easy to pull off in the game. 
7.Managers:Yes, you read it right, FIFA finally has authentic managers,it was puzzling to the fans why teams which had all their 11 player’s faces scanned could not have their manager in their, but this time they have. EA has made sure that all the managers atleast in the Premiere League have their likenesses reflected in the game, making it more authentic than ever. The roster for managers include, Hose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, and Jurgen Klopp !
Hose Mourinho-source:nairobiwire.com
It is nice to see a big publisher like EA finally listening to their consumers and present us with a FIFA that is looking like the biggest revamp in the series since 2009, even the jump from the last gen to the current gen was not this huge! From the new engine, to the inclusion of Managers we are very excited to hear more about this year’s FIFA as it comes near its September 27 release date, on the PC,Playstation 4 and Xbox One. We will have fresh information after the conclusion of E3 and during Gamescom 2016. For more on FIFA 17, stay tuned!

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