This fall, iPhone will be learning a lot of tricks and we have listed all of the new features down below:

Siri will be Everywhere

As it was rumored, Apple released a Siri SDK, which means that developers will now be able to incorporate it into their apps at will.

The number of third party apps and also the level of integration is expected to drastically increase. It makes the iPhone a lot more useful, plus, Siri is finally going to make some friends.

A few of those App integrations were on stage at WWDC. WeChat, Slack, and WhatsApp all made an appearance, meaning you’ll now be able to talk to those apps and have them follow your command.


No, iMessage is not coming to Android, but that doesn’t mean Apple has no plans for it’s own messaging platform.

There’s a lot going on here, most of which catches the app up to its messaging rivals. Firstly, rich links inline has been integrated into the App, so users can play YouTube videos and listen to audio files from the app itself.

The emoji got thrice the size and you will get prompted by related emojis as you type.

A lot of text effects like smaller/larger fronts, invisible ink which will appear only after you swipe, will be available. Further, app integration to get directions or making orders or doing a lot of stuff will be available. 

Apple Music 

Lots of improvement in the interface has been made. Now, you have separate download tab, Finally! The music discovery page is now much better in terms of looks and feel. Think Spotify Discover, but more frequently updated.

 Apple Connect, which was a thing that you forgot existed, has been a little bit tucked away, because again, you forgot it existed.


Apple implemented it’s force touch on the lockscreen, with which you can now respond to your notifications from the lockscreen itself. A dream became true!

Further, more information is going to be provided in the notifications, like, the location of the cab you ordered, or live scores.

Redesigned Photos 

The simple and basic Apple photos has been tweaked to a great level. Apple has basically done what Google had done to it’s Photos App last year. Face recognition, object recognition, clustering and sorting by person, date, and place. 

Where Google stores your photos in the cloud for free, while you’ll have to pay up for iCloud when you run out of room.


Gas station listings, design tweak, and being open to third party developers are the recent changes that can be seen the Apple Maps. Nothing too significant here, and it still isn’t getting anywhere close to Google Maps.

Voice Input

Siri’s going to give Apple’s QuickType keyboard a boost, bringing contextual awareness (your location, your calendar, and more) into play to provide suggested replies. If someone asks where you are, for instance, Siri can tell them for you.

Other small changes

  • News sorts the news into sections that make sense, and also includes support for subscriptions.
  • Home, from which you can control all of your smart home devices that have compatible apps.
  • A new VoIP API that lets incoming calls from WhatsApp, FaceTime, or wherever look more like normal phone call.
  • In iOS 10, you can delete Tips, Calculator, Music, and more than a dozen other preloaded Apple apps.

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