As CNET points out that engineers and developers are constantly working upon the TensorFlow which is being sourced by them  last November and using the AlphaGo.For those who doesn’t know what actually am talking about ; for them , TensorFlow is Google’s machine learning software  which is now open for iOS letting the developers there at Apple work on neural network features that can directly be implemented into their apps for users.

To advance and develop machine generated art  Google used TensorFlow  to build on of kind,it’s Magnenta Project and due to which recently it was released by a neural netowork a 90-seconds piano melody and that’s awesome.With a bunch of bug fixes and with other features  having added the support to MacOS GPUs and Python 3.5 support this gives an idea of what TensorFlow 0.9 is capable of doing.As of now it is not the final update according to 9to5mac and CNET.

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