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The newest installment in the MAFIA franchise is coming this fall, this year, and here are the top 5 reasons you should be excited about it:

Mafia III was introduced during last years E3, but vanished soon after. Its clear that the developers Hanger 13 and the publishers 2K, want to let the game speak for itself, because it did not have the extensive publicity campaign that most new games long running AAA franchises have these days! 
In E3 2016 they are back and here is what we have learnt about Mafia III…

#1 The Characters:

Mafia III stars a brand new character, both in terms of his origin and in terms of his story. Mafia has always been about a young aspiring Italian man in search of money and power getting into the ranks of the Italian crime families, and rising into recognition through his actions. This time though the you play as Lincoln Clay, an orphan war veteran African-American origin. He is on a mission to avenge his family(the Black mob), and is joined in the struggle by some local criminals, who have also fallen out of favor of the Italian mob.We just hope he does not turn into a mindless character only out for revenge like in Prototype 2, but we believe in 2k. The local criminals include, Cassandra, Bruke and Vitto Scaletta, yes, the same Vitto who was the main protagonist of Mafia II. Apparently he runs a small mob in this new city after having a falling out with his the Italian families of Empire Bay.
Lincoln is

#2 The Story:

This time you wont be rising through the ranks of a Italian crime family, rather through the game, you would become infamous for your actions in the Italian mob. After returning from the Vietnam war, Lincoln rejoins the Black mob, who were like family to him. Soon after though, they are ruthlessly mowed down by the local Italian Mob, Lincoln narrowly manages to escape with his life and sets on a mission to avenge his fellow brothers’ deaths. Its a fresh change of pace this time to see the character not just in search of fame and power but revenge from the Italian mob!

#3 The setting:

Mafia III is set in a fictional city of New Bordeaux which is based upon the city of New Orleans. The year is 1968, during the height of power of the Italian gangs in the city. The city is split into several districts, each with a different gang at power. It also has a huge swamp area called the Bayou, which is filled with drug manufacturing facilities and our favorite, Alligators! It would be interesting to see how this new area effects the game play and story, but we can already imagine many a things we can do to our enemies with a little help from our reptilian friends! 
Welcome to New Bordeauxsource:

#4 The Gamplay:

In Mafia III, you explore an open world city of New Bordeaux, which is fully accessible from the starting. Those who were fans of the previous Mafia games and like the realistic subdued gunfights and realistic car chases are in for a different kind of treat. The driving has been revamped to something called the Action Movie driving in Mafia III. This system allows the drivers to pull off insane stunts and highspeed maneuvers that were never before possible in the previous games. Gone are the kill people and hide before the police spot you combat of the previous Mafia games, this time you are very much a part of 70’s summer action flicks, with guns firing all around, literally bombastic car chases and no nonsense combat. You can still choose to go in quite, kill your target and get out of their as fast as you can, but subtlety is not Lincoln’s strong suit.
Exploding Cars, check!-source:

#5 The Visuals:

Anyone who has looked at a gameplay trailer for Mafia III can vouch for its visual prowess. It has one of the best realtime volumetric lighting and reflection systems we have seen in the current generation systems. The atmosphere of the city itself sets apart from the GTA clones that have riddled the gaming scene for the last decade. From the character to the facial animations, all look good and sharp. The motion blur is a bit patchy though, but we expect it will be fixed before launch.
The reflections look good!-source:
Mafia III is releasing on October 7th 2016, on PC,Playstation 4 and Xbox One. For more news stay tuned!

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