Google and many Android OEMs,including Samsung announced their support for open standard Vulkan graphics API similar to as Apple has also adopted the Metal API specialized for low level graphical capabilities and to add to this news Samsung along with it’s game development partners has showcased how this big step taking the Vulkan API has improved gaming experience on the S7 and S7 Edge.

Image by DroidOrigin.

It is so true that OpenGL is a pain to support than Microsoft’s DirectX or the Direct3D as been criticized by many game developers also it’s doesn’t make much commercial sense as Microsoft has over 90 percent of market share and hard to program but OpenGL ES which was later targeted for embedded system was efficient in the sense of supporting to but at the same time dropped as it is power hungry for devices though it provided much gaming headroom where Apple played the trick as there were disadvantages in the former part which excited Apple land up making it’s own API.

Although Google has announced last year that it is going to support Vulkan API and if it gets into play than Android will be such a platform which could run such games competing head to head with Linux(ah,yes!),Windows and masOS(if the devs over at Apple adopts it finally) which will in turn trigger developers to write for Vulkan knowing it’s support for multiple devices as Vulkan has better GPU and CPU performance than OpenGL ES which will definitely provide the ultimate gaming experience and performance and yes,higher frame rates.

Samsung is trying to show their power using Vulkan on their high end devices such as S7 and S7 Edge as mentioned earlier and they’re not only adopting and promoting Vulkan but also working hand to hand with developers to port as many games they can with optimized hardware.
They also made available Vulkan by providing a “Galaxy Game Pack” for S7 and S7 Edge users,as pack of 40 games which is accessible via “Galaxy App” store.

“Samsung has been a great partner for us in importing our games to Vulkan,” said Tommy Krul, Chief Technology Officer at Super Evil Megacorp.
“We actually had engineers from Samsung right here in our office helping us port Vainglory to Vulkan and really squeeze out all the performance we can,” he noted.

It is stated by the developers of Vainglory that it scored more than 30% using Vulkan over OpenGL ES thus exciting more developers to work on this API taking advantage of all they have and low latency is a point which is important for this game Vainglory by Super Evil Megacorp for making it to competitive level and hosting tournaments(I do foresee,personally) as it was already held by Samsung this year at E3.

“Microsecond fidelity on our devices is essential, because we need players to be able to perform at their max capacity,” said Stephan Sherman, Chief Creative Officer at Super Evil Megacorp.
“It’s essential that they have a device that is going to be able to keep up with them. Vulkan and Samsung devices are built for performance. They’re built for lightning fast, blinding speed, that perfect alacrity between touch and action,” he added.

The art of low level access is important for VR games for the sake of low latency and higher frame rates which will provide a good VR experience and as we have seen that Samsung is providing VR Headsets beforehand only ,so much possibilities are there them to make VR games with Vulkan API on Android.

Vulkan API gaming on Galaxy S7 at E3 2016 .

Source:Tom’s Hardware.

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