We got to know pretty good amount of rumors from VideoCardz  regarding AMD’s new RX 480’s overclocking performance and the new overclocking tool which we have also mentioned previously on our site which turned to be  a revised version of the AMD Overdrive which is a part of the Crimson and old Catalyst drivers.
As mentioned by guys over at WCCFtech previously that the new overclocking utility is being named as the WattMan which can tune the RX 480 without hiccups having manual voltage controls and with pretty basic knowledge you can overclock the card without even having to download any other third-party overclocking tool.
You can play with the tool as it’s supported from day one when the RX 480 will be released.

RX 480 , 470 , 460 Graphic Card Specification:

The benchmarks are clearly shown here below:

Radeon RX 480 Firestrike Results_1
Image courtesy VideoCardz

And the comparison of RX 480 being single and crossfired:

Radeon RX 480 3DMark Results
Image courtesy WCCFtech,

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