As we have seen back in time that Google has intentionally partnered with OEM brands to make out stock android smartphone putting into as much as nice and efficient specification they can but this time it seems that Google wants to enjoy some independence and soon to be rolling out non-Nexus smartphones as we got to know from rumors recently.
Google Rumored To Be Shipping Out First Non-Nexus Device This year
There are numerous smartphones and chipset makers who have utilized ARM’s architecture to engineer their own SoCs and processors , Apple,Huawei are the few to be named and for a long time Google has also taken help from brands to manufacture their next biggest Nexus some going to so good considering it’s success into mind like 2015 was definitely the year of Nexus smartphones which led to the demise of their tablets by huge margin as well.

Having a tighter grip upon design,software and specifications ; according to Google and Engadget , Google is working on a non-Nexus smartphone which is set to be released later this year and that doesn’t implicitly mean that it will only sport stock android but also it reminds of the ridiculous pricing tactics and reliance over manufacturers.
Nexus 6P (2)
It might be a query that just came to your mind if you are already following the news that manufacturers had already made their offerings in the former part of this year, what else Google has to offer by making a non-Nexus smartphone.Well honestly speaking there are many thing to be offered than only putting the purest form of Android experience like more hardware control,new features and stability and even this tech giant oppose the idea of making out of ARM by just making their own architecture and manufacturing the SoCs and chips but also justifying a new pricing that will satisfy consumers.
Nexus 5X (2)
We have got news that HTC is going to release a 5-inch 1080p Nexus by the end of this year but knowing their pricing it seems that it won’t be a affordable device at all making the entry of Google’s non-Nexus phone a spot to prove it and if Google’s non-Nexus phones get an initial good impression then Google could severe all their relations with their manufacturers and thus they can focus on the customized specs and hardware in the future.Google has commented on this rumor though we’d love to hear from you what do you think of Google’s new marketing strategy and idea.Please comment down below.


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