We have some goodies to share with you guys related to the newest graphics card in the town-RX 480.
AMD Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 Radeon RX 480 RX 470 RX 460 GPUs_5
First up is the costing which is pretty decent for 4GB at 199 USD and the 8GB variant goes for 29 USD – 39 USD.Custom cards with unique cooling solutions and re-modeled power circuits will go for some extra obviously.As per source there is coming a huge array of cards with a lot of variants to some real overclocked cards that’ll take you high.

These 4GB and 8GB variants of  RX 480 obviously beats the R9 Nano as well as GTX 980 in performance as both of these cards have a clock speed of 1080Mhz and boost clock of 1266Mhz out of the box.
The reference card being slightly over 9-inches long featuring an aluminium fin array heat sink indicating the blower style architecture for cooling which will help in cooing down the card even at  load and can handle a decent amount of heat.

Drawing around 100 Watts of power on full load and going around 60c ,these reference cards are designed to have 150Watts of TDP being drawn by 6-pin power connectors but as always some custom cards might require more than the specified power and eight-pin connectors come into scene.
Let’s have a run down of the performance of these cards.We have the performance figures with us from our source for both the 4GB and the 8GB variant which is done on 3DMark Firestrike Ultra 1.1,with comparison with the following cards:

  • GTX Titan X
  • GTX 980 OC
  • R9 390 OC
  • R9 Nano
And the result goes somewhat like this.

AMD RX 480 Benchmark, GTX Titan X, R9 Fury X, R9 Nano, GTX 980 & R9 390
So now pretty much clear about the performance we were talking of.This 199 USD card can easily put those 500 USD cards in tough times over the 3DMark Firestrike Ultra 1.1.,though lot of tests to be done in future with other synthetic benchmarks.

And as we have learnt these cards can give a better show for the games in DX 12.

We’ve presented a comparison chart also:


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