When the Original Watch Dogs was shown at e3 2012, it blew away people’s minds, with the promises it made with its Hacking gameplay and movie like visuals any game would be proud of even in 2016! Fast forward 2 years, when it finally released in 2014 to overwhelming hype, it was, well underwhelming! The game looked nothing like the 2012 reveal trailer. The game became infamous for its deliberate Downgrade and poor optimization for the PC. The story and the lead characters were generic and the hacking looked like it was forced onto the game, rather than the game being built from the ground up to incorporate it!

2016, 2 days before the e3, Watch Dogs 2 is announced, and PC gamers are afraid of disappointment again. But we think this time it will be different. Here are some reasons why Watch Dogs 2 will definitely be as good as the game that was promised to us in 2012.

#1: The Setting:

To be honest, Chicago was always going to be a gamble. It was the first time such an attempt was made to create an Open World game based on the city. But this time, the squeal is set in sunny San Francisco, home to many big time Open World games. Ubisoft, we feel, have deliberately set the game in a tried and tested setting so that, when it comes to the game, the main emphasis can be put on the Gameplay and the Story! The open world in Watch Dogs 2 will not only be bigger but also filled with more things to do. Players would be able to create their own stories using the city, said one Developer! The city looks amazing, and we cant wait to jump back into a virtual version of San Francisco!
Concept art!

#2: The Protagonist:

This time, we follow Hacker-activist Marcus Halloway, an African-American guy in his 20s hailing from Oakland. He is working with the DedSec to give the city back to the people, after being framed for a crime he did not commit by the same system that now controls the city, CTOS 2.0! He has a black belt in martial arts and is proficient in parkour , which will definitely make for some interesting gameplay opportunities ! His motivations seem a bit more relateable, and hopefully he would not turn out to be the morally grey and broodily boring Aden Pierce from the first game!

#3: The Driving:

Lets be real here, the Driving on Watch Dogs was bad, it was a chore to go from point A to point B in a car and all cars felt the same, apart from their speed. People usually preferred to travel short distance on foot! This time, the developers have promised a comprehensive upgrade to the driving, which should result in the cars all feeling different and the physics actually working based on the weight and motion of the car, rather than the whims of the game! Oh and by the way, you can finally shoot while inside your car!Hurrah!

The cue ball-source:polygon.com

 #4:The Weapons:

The gunplay from the e3 demo looked quite good! Not like the run for your life mechanic from the 1st game. Apart from the usual array of pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns and snipers, there are a verity of gadgets you can choose from in the game. From the drone through which you can scout out the area to some innocent looking balls which electrocutes people in the vicinity, it will be interesting, specially as the developers have said that you can complete entire levels without firing a single bullet. Marcus has a special melee weapon, a harmless looking cue ball, attached to a rope. It mightlook funky but is actually quite lethal in the hands of a black belt!

#5: The Hacking:

The hacking in Watch Dogs 2, looks to be more than just a way to stop the Police from catching you. It can be use to distract, have fun, or even kill your target. It looks like the developers are going for a more realistic take on hacking, rather than hacking everything from a cellphone! You also have gadgets that will help you to hack, like a small mini bot, which can gather information or release malware in systems, it can also give you access to unreachable areas, no longer will you have to look for a CCTV camera to hack the place! You can even hack some cars to act as dummies, while you escape on foot. The developers have promised that hacking will embedded as a part of the gameplay, and you will be able to hack almost everything!

#6: The graphical downgrade(or lack thereof):

The gameplay that was shown in e3 was graphically modest! Nothing mind blowing or spectacularly un-doable! It doesn’t mean Watch Dogs 2 looks, bad, it does not, it looks quite good, as good or even better than GTA V. We know what the modern PCs are capable of, and nothing was shown. that looked like cant be handled by a decent PC from 2014. It might be because, Ubisoft are afraid of putting people’s expectations too high, or just them having realistic expectations, it remains to be seen. They might upgrade the graphics at launch, which would be pretty unexpected, a pleasantly surprising!

Watch Dogs was a flawed jewel, the right ideas but not quite the right execution. If they have their gameplay and story down, this might turn out to be Ubisoft’s next Assassin’s Creed II, a game which was superior to its predecessor in every way! Marcus certainly has the charisma,and the hacking elements certainly have the potential! Lets hope for the best!     

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